Monday, December 29, 2008

Ahh, the New Year is chasing me!

Well, i'm back to work @ Frog Feathers. The tree is in the box and i ditched a few old funky holiday things i've been holding on to for far too long. Now, that made the hubby happy! Bless his heart he loads and unloads the boxes for me every year with hardly any grumbling.

So, back to work...i designed some valentines and some sold right away. Hey, i like that. They have cute deer on them and another one has a handcut tree. I also listed some pretty doilies, plastic cone party favors...they came out cute go ahead, check the site. i now have aprons dancing in my head and i have an idea for vintage tweed jackets....sound interesting?

Let's see what other wild ideas jump out of my brain! Christi <3 {my grandaughter tells me that is a heart.}

1 comment:

  1. Your valentine's were wonder they took off to their new home so quickly!

    I ditched some old Christmas Funk myself...I had one full empty box leftover after I put everything (read: squished back into) the closet....GO ME! lol